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  • Innovative BCAA and L-glutamine matrix

  • Complex assistance for muscles

  • High amino acid concentration


BCAA G-FORCE is an optimally balanced composition of branched chain amino acids: L-Leucine, L-Valine and L-Isoleucine enhanced with a large dose of micronized L-Glutamine. The ingredients intensify anabolic (structuring) processes, thus contributing to quick lean muscle mass gain. BCAAs and L-Glutamine show exceptionally strong anticatabolic effects, which translate to significantly accelerated muscle regeneration. BCAA G-FORCE increases your strength and endurance during a hard and long-lasting workout, it also prevents the signs of fatigue and overtraining.


The recommended allowance is 4–6 capsules 2 times daily. Take the product with 300 ml of water. On workout days: 1st serving 30 min. before a workout, 2nd serving directly after a workout. On non-workout days: 1st serving in the morning after getting up, 2nd serving at bedtime.


Do not exceed recommended daily alowans. Children, pregnant and nursing woman should not take the product. Follow manutacturer's instructions from the packaging. Store in a dry place, out of reach of children.


Active ingredients

Amount per serving 12 cap* 6 cap

Branched Chain Amino Acids 9720,00 mg 4860,00 mg

of which L-Leucine 6840,00 mg 3420,00 mg

of which L-Valine 1920,00 mg 960,00 mg

of which L-Isoleucine 960,00 mg 480,00 mg

L-Glutamine 3900,00 mg 1950,00 mg