Sport Bottle Max Carb
Sport Bottle Max Carb

Sport Bottle Max Carb


  • Spill resistant, rapid flow lid for easy drinking
  • Contoured shape for easy handling
  • Comfortable grip
  • Spill Free Cap
  • 700ml Capacity

A lightweight, high performance, sports drink bottle with contoured body for EASYGRIP. Trec Nutrition have been developing sports drink bottles for sports people for many years. The 700ml polyethylene sports drink bottle is designed to be squeezed so you can control the flow of liquid - a quick burst or a steady flow, depending on your needs.

It also features a textured surface to reduce the likelihood of dropping the bottle. The cap has an easy grip design to make it super easy to get on and off. These sports drink bottles can also fit into a standard cycling bottle holder. For those who prefer to hold their water bottle while running. This supreme bottle provides a source of hydration during running and cycling. Ideal for running distances between 10k and to a marathon run